Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crochet to end and begin the year.

Ah, a new year! Love that fresh start feeling. I get it every Monday too. We started the year with a child with a broken ankle, acquired during vacation at a local skate arena. She just had surgery and is recovering at home. I have worked exactly 1 day this year. I always take a week off and I ended up needing it for a myriad of doctor's appointments. Went to work for 1 day and am now off for the rest of the week with my recovering child. She gets depressed but physically appears to be doing well.

I ended the year crocheting a poncho for my sister as a Christmas gift. In this picture I had her try it on. I just needed 4 more rows on the cowl and wanted to see if I could just stop here. We both decided it needed the rest. My sister is always cold. I finshed it in the new year. I was still working when they were visiting and then my kid broke her foot. The pattern was from a special edition of Woman's Day from 2005. It was an ad that included the pattern. It was easy enough to follow, but you can tell that my counting went off somewhere. I don't think you'll be able to tell when worn. I'll update with a picture next time I see my sister.

And tell me, did I crochet the bottom of the portion of the poncho, backwards?

This is my first project of the year. The girls received scarf kits for Christmas to make matching pom pom scarves for themselves and their doll. With the leftover yarn i made this hat that i purchased. You can get it on Ravelry or on Etsy.
I made the pink hat first following the instructions completely. But I could NOT get that sucker on the doll's head! It was way too small. So I started over, adding an additional 10 chains and that resulted in the teal hat. It fit perfectly. I'm already working on a third. Hey, I have lots of yarn remnants hanging around and lots of little girls with dolls!

This is Naiobi's doll, Emily. She is sporting her new pom pom scarf and her new hat.