Friday, June 25, 2010

Ugly Baby

I know I'd seen these dolls kind of in viewing of some blog or another. But I hadn't ever really paid attention until I was told a co-worker was decorating her first baby's room in that theme. You can see the dolls here. Meh, not a big fan. But that's what she wanted so I made her these. This one's embroidered. I had initially planned to embroidered the bib as well as a burp cloth, but the embroidery took me longer than I expected it to.

This one has an embroidered face and the black stitching all the way around. Can you see his little fangs?

Because I felt that 2 items were not enough, I made this one the morning of the lunchtime shower. I was working from home that day. This one's on baby cord and I applied it to the onesie with stitch witchery. But I wasn't confident that it would make it through several washings, so I went ahead and stitched it all the way around anyway.

The eyes are cut out of this baby cord fabric. Clever, huh?

I drew the first monster, the one on the bib, freehand. For the other 2 I used white tissue paper and placed it over my computer monitor and traced them from the Ugly Doll website. The mama to be loved them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gift in the mail

How sweet are these! They are washable makeup remover pads. They came from Carla over at: (can't link via my phone). The girls were trying to jak them from me! The nerve.

She sent them in a cute little bag along with make up remover and a little mesh bag filled with delicious smelling lavender. Glorious! Good night! Off to wash my face. :)

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

Okay, pity party over! It's morning, it's beautiful and I've got to get the most out of the day because tomorrow I head back to the office.

This year I had a birthday party (2 weeks ago) at the roller skating rink. It was fun! I invited a few girlfriends and their kids (1 husband joined in the fun) and we skated for 2.5 hours. I made party favors too! Everyone loved my Cowboy Cookie Mix jars and the feedback has been positive. Everyone's loved them!

On my wish list were: itunes gift cards, amazon gift card, hand made gifts, a label maker, dvd movies and a cupcake carrier that would hold 24+ cupcakes. I got great gifts: a purse, $45 in itunes gift cards, $55 in Target gift cards, the movie 300, the movie El Cantante, a label maker, and 2 handmade gifts. The Jewelry Box was made by Naiobi, 2 full weeks before my birthday! Omari tells me her little sister poured her heart and soul into it and all the pictures she drew for me.

And this was made by my friend Monique. I love it!!!

It has a sweet note on the back.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I hate to admit it, but every now and then I get a little, teensy bit lonely. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. But it makes me sad and I don't like it and I want to do something about it. But the problem with loneliness is that it's totally deflating and unmotivating. Seriously, when this happens I just sit around. I don't take care of the things that need to be taken care of in my home. I don't work on my UFOs. I don't do anything. I remember when I was first separated, how exhilarating it was to be alone! I relished it, loved it, looked forward to it. I think I'm getting tired of it now.

The several times that this has happened, it's been because I've already been out and don't want to come home to be alone. And realizing that this is exactly what's going to happen makes me want to cry. For example, tonight I had a busy day. I came home, exercised, took a nap, played a few rounds of Sudoku on my phone and then checked the movie times and ran out just in time to catch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Movie was great, I leave the theater and.....Now What? Balloon deflating. Called a couple of boys and no one's around. Grabbed myself some frozen yogurt at Yogurtland, sat outside to enjoy the breeze, and then just wanted to cry. So I came home. And didn't cry.

When I'm completely honest with myself, I realize that specifically, I'm lonely for male company. I love, love LOVE my girlfriends, but I need a little testosterone once in a while. And it's not all about THAT either! Boys are different. My girlfriends are like my sisters. Family. i want to hang out with someone else now and then. My options are limited in this area as I don't have many single, male friends. A couple of them are single dads and they've got their kids on the same weekends that I don't. I've looked at a couple of online dating sites but I don't want to date. I just want a guy friend. And really, I'm a little scared. More relaxing to go out with someone I already know. Anyway, just venting a little. It's difficult to admit this little problem. I'm going to watch The Dark Knight on dvd and sort some laundry. Deep breath. Drink water. Did you know that if you sip water when you feel like crying, it stops you from doing so?