Saturday, May 22, 2010


At least, that's what the candles say. Actually, I turned 37 this Thursday. I spent the morning shopping (did laundry first) and then decided I'd have a picnic with the girls. I swear, if it wasn't for them, I would probably live in a hermity little whole most of the time. Really I did it for Naiobi who is still at an age where birthdays should be marked by some kind of celebration. Morning cake was not enough for her. So I picked them up from school and we had a picnic at the Rose Gardens in L.A. Boner Purchase? Martha Stewart Storage Containers for my flour, white sugar, brown sugar and chocolate chips. I think I will get a couple more. They look so neat and they stack up nicely on top of one another. One shelf in my pantry is dedicated entirely to baking items. I am not a neat nor organized person. But i LOVE containers. Even if they end up not containing anything.

I was thinking back on my birthday last year and what I was feeling like then. I'm in a much better place emotionally and mentally. I feel happy, calm and at peace. I'm in a place where I feel like giving more than taking. My soul is rested. I enjoy my kids more, and gasp, Miss Them when they aren't with me! My closest friends say I have crocodile skin. Some friends. My hopes for my thirty seventh year are to keep taking care of myself. To step up that care so that I am in the best health I can be so I can stay around awhile with my girls. I have longevity on my side. My grandmother is in her 90s. I just want to focus on that for now.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here's the pink nightgown. This one is a very clingy jersey. It was not fun to work with so I didn't add the ruffle on the bottom. The instructions have you add lace at the neck and armholes. I used lingerie elastic since I didn't have any lace. I think that because it's folded over on this one, it doesn't look as tight as the other one. She was a little self conscious about her buds showing through which is why she's standing so awkwardly.
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So my post the other day about these nightgowns sitting on my sewing table got me moving. I sewed up both of them and Omari loves them.

This one is some poly sleepwear fabric I got on clearance at Joanne's a couple of years ago. Back then the amount I got was enough to make both girls a gown. Now there was only enough for one. On this one I used FOE for the neck and armholes. I will have her wear the other tonight so I can take a picture.

This is a kwik sew kids' pattern and I believe it's the largest size they have. I will have to buy an adult pattern for subsequent nightgowns. Mind you, she's only 10.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

May day! May day!

Hello blog world! I'm still alive. I've disappeared I just haven't been very crafty this year. So updates.

1. My 5 year old is reading! Not perfectly and not up to the teacher's standards, but well enough to make me smile ear to ear whenever I hear her. She says, "I'm so excited to read chapter books." So cute.

2. I am legally divorced now! The ex and I continue to be on good terms. He even stays for dinner sometimes.

On the crafty side, because scrapbooking is more contained and easier to clean up, I have been doing some of that. I have some things cut out for the girls but have left them sitting on my sewing desk for 2 months now.

A big deterrent is that the girls have been sleeping in my bed. I sew in my room. At night. My little one finally has had it with her toddler bed. She does not fit in it. "Mom, my bed is killing my feet." And of course, it wouldn't be fair for one to sleep with mommy and not the other. Twin Bed is on order this weekend! That means, we gotta clean their room. Ugh!

I started a crochet project in January and put it down when the first skein was finished. Although I bought enough skeins to complete the project, it's been sitting on the armrest of my couch since January. I did take picture of my pages but i don't know where the computer hid them!

My birthday is next week and summer is almost here! It's my favorite time of year.

School is ending 1 week early due to budget cuts. And that is why folks I can't ever take a real vacation. I've got to keep my time available for when the kids are off from school. So I will be taking a week off in June. I've already enrolled them in summer camps for 6 weeks and then they'll spend 3 weeks with my sister and one week with their dad. Maybe. If not, well there goes another week for me. Last year they were at my sister's all summer and I missed out on doing summer things with them, like going to the beach every weekend, summer concerts, pool parties. So although it's costing me and arm and both legs, I'm happy they'll be staying around. They are the reason I get out of the house. Otherwise, I'd happily hermit my life away.