Sunday, February 28, 2010

UFOs done!

Now that they're off my sewing table I realize that I didn't have that many. Yet knowing they were waiting for me kept eating at me. PR had an Unfinished Object (UFO) contest. I didn't join but it motivated me. The deadline is tomorrow. So I started in on mine at 10pm last night.

I made these around October. The big one just needed the strap! That's it! The little one needed to be sewn and turned and then add the hook and loop. It was already put together for sewing.

These top needed to be mended at the neck and the pants needed to have the waist shortened.

And these shorts have been sitting around since summer. Waiting for the waist elastic.

So, nothing quite crafty for the month of February but it did involve my sewing machine. :)

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

See Jane Run

Naiobi's progress report indicates that halfway thru her kindergarten year, she is performing below grade level. I admit, I have not been the most involved parent when it comes to reviewing homework. We get home just before 6pm and she goes to bed 7:30pm. Doesn't leave much time for anything. She does it in the after school program and I've been confident that a responsible adult has reviewed it with her. Now, I wonder if they are helping her do it, or just telling her what to write down. You know, rather than help her figure it out.

Omari was reading proficiently by the time she got to kindergarten. I did not push her at all. She was, and continues to be, a self motivated learner. She loves learning and she absorbs in every way one can do so: reading, doing, mimicking, auditorally. She reads all day long and she is excelling in school. Naiobi, on the other hand, was just barely writing her name when she got to kindergarten. Her preschool didn't push academics all that much but she had a lot of fun and I liked that. However, Naiobi potty trained herself before she was 2 and she is an excellent athlete. She's the kind of person who could become a millionaire without having finished high school. She learns by watching and doing. So how do I teach her to read?

All week long we have been working on the same little book. Every single day she has had trouble with the same 5 words. These are words that are being reviewed in class and now, at home with me. It's really frustrating. She knows all the letter sounds, but can't put them together to read the word. When I point to a word, she looks at it briefly then looks away trying to go through her word repertoire to figure out what it could possibly be. She throws out words that begin with that letter, or contain similar letters. For example, one of the words this week was Vamos. She would say: Venemos, Tenemos, Voy, Somos, etc. I'd bring her back to look at the word and start with the v sound and head to the a sound. Once I got to the M, she'd shout VAMOS! But we had to go through this every single day with the same word. I'd have thought that by the end of the week she would know it automatically. I don't know what to do. Her dad was working with her also this weekend and he is also concerned. We don't know what to do.

She does enjoy being read to. And when she's in bed at night, she likes to look at books. I just need to figure out how to get her interested in reading them herself.