Sunday, January 31, 2010

Delicious Meal of the month

I got it in! Today I made pasta with spicy shrimp. Both girls loved it! I had already set in my mind that Naiobi wasn't going to eat it because she doesn't like anything but boxed mac n cheese, sandwiches, green burritos and chicken nuggets right now. She doesn't like shrimp and she doesn't like red pasta sauce. This worked out perfect because I only had to remove the shrimp. She asked for thirds!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

January (resolution re-cap)

3) I took 1 yoga class but don't count that as "starting yoga again." 4) I have lost my holiday weight and am exercising regularly. 6)My feelings about the ex are floating away from me. 8) I have not used my credit card. 10)I have made 3 journal entries this month.

2) I ended up making 3 curly scarves.

7) Nurtured Omari's love for the outdoors by taking her to the snow. She had a blast but started complaining when her pants didn't hold up and she ended up getting her butt soaked thru. They need to get Nik Waxed. Fortunately, I have some. It's a bit old as I used to use it on the cloth diaper covers when Naiobi was a baby, but it should work.

5?) I baked. A lot. Doesn't really fall into delicious cooking. But it was delicious baking! I tried a few new dinner recipes that were good but not fantastic. My kids like my soups a lot and the recipe I use for Bolognese Sauce. I also tried this recipe for Chai Concentrate that's just perfect. I have found a replacement for my evening cup of coffee. Here are some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies with the Chai in a jar.

This is the giant cupcake I made for Omari's 10th birthday. That little girl got LUCKY! I took her bowling with a couple of friends.

And she got the Josefina Montoya doll she's been coveting (ebay purchase).
She was blown away as you can see. She never expected it. For Christmas I gave her a mini version; the card read "Since I can't afford to get you the real thing."

Then I made the giant cupcake again for the twins.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Curly!

First crafty item of the year! This curly scarf is going to be a gift. I'm making another as soon as I get more yarn. It used just about 1 1/2 balls of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. It was also their pattern which is free. It's the North Pole Ruffle crochet Scarf. It's hard to link to the pattern. I think it's because they want you to create an account. Anyway, very quick project. It might have taken an hour and half. Maybe two dispersed over a couple of days.

And what's with pattens not telling you how many ounces of yarn you need? I was looking at patterns at Michael's craft store and they would just say how many balls you needed. But what if I don't want to buy that yarn?

ETA: Okay, looking at the picture looks like it's cold. It's not. I live in LA. It's about 75 or so. You can notice that I am wearing a sleeveless top underneath. And the boots I just wear for minutes at a time, just long enough to warm my toes and then I kick them off.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions 2010

I didn't make any resolutions last year and therefore feel like I didn't really accomplish much. I did keep us housed, clothed and fed (using lots of credit unfortunately) and I did some soul searching, which didn't get me very far. Maybe I don't have a soul. Do you need to believe in God to have one? I'm not distressed over this though.

This year, unlike the last, I'm making resolutions.

1. Delete the number of blogs on my blog reader. Done.

2. Make 1 crafty item per month. Does not need to be a large item. Anything qualifies.

3. Start practicing yoga again. It's been many, many years and I have lost all flexibility. I have trouble touching my toes.

4. Lose weight/get in shape. A standard resolution for most of us. Starting off with weight loss challenge among friends.

5. Cook more delicious meals, even if simple and hope that it doesn't interfere with Resolution #4 too much. I tend to make the same things over and over and get scared off if there are too many ingredients in a recipe. I'd like to make things that I grew up loving, like Chiles Rellenos, Salsas and Enchiladas. Salsas are not difficult to make so I don't understand what's off putting about making them.

6. Let go of my negative feelings/views of my ex-husband. We're not officially divorced yet, but he's been my ex since the separation. A lot of things were left unsaid that I'm still carrying around. I need to let that go.

7. Encourage my oldest daughter's interests. She loves the outdoors. I don't. I consider myself an impatient person and I prefer my children stay out of my way so that I may accomplish things more easily and timely. She has been expressing an interest in sewing for about a year which I've just swept under the rug. Same thing with cooking. And gardening, which I don't do at all. I just need to keep in mind my goal of turning them into good, responsible citizens, take a deep breath and let her dive in.

8. Put away the credit card. In my defense, I did begin to use it when the ex stopped giving me any money at all for OUR bills and I'd exhausted my savings. (Breath, Let it go, let it go). So it was used often for groceries and gas during the second trimester of the year. Then there was a couple of trips I shouldn't have gone on, summer clothes we could have survived without and other such nonsense. BUT I also got my car fixed! And now I don't have much credit left anyway.

9. Visit another state (without using the credit card). Specifically, New York and/or Virginia. NY bc I've been wanting to go to the Mermaid Parade for a few years (husbands can be so limiting) and Virginia because my daughter is interested in colonial times. I'd like to go to Williamsburg, VA and check all that out. I'd also be happy visiting Hawaii.

10. Journal more. I used to write a whole lot. But my last journal I've had for FIVE years and have been unable to fill. So, I bought myself a new one for inspiration and wrote my first entry yesterday. My absolute minimum requirement is to write one entry per month.

And that rounds it out! I think 2010 is going to be a positive and happy year. My friend Carla has inspired me to do more so that at the end of the year I can share what one thing I did this year that was my favorite. I had a hard time coming up with last year's favorite thing. It was dancing. I need to dance more.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010!!

Got back from my road trip to Texas last night. My babes and I left on Christmas Day and got to Dallas 2 days later. My dad was so cute. He called me every couple of hours to check in on me. He lives in Brownsville which is way down at the bottom of Texas. We visited with my momma for 2 days and I met her partner for the first time. Then we drove down to Spring to stay with my little sister Suzie. Before Spring, we went to Houston to visit with my friend Carla. She moved there over a year ago and I couldn't not stop in for a quick hug and hello (and martini for her) since I was so close.
I had a very nice, relaxing time with my sister. Her little girls are WILD but very sweet. Naiobi and her oldest, Reyna, didn't get on too well but they worked it out most times. Omari seemed to have a good time being the big cousin. Her youngest, Brianna, is 3 and she kept calling the other three, the Big Girls. Reyna had asked for a Snuggie for Christmas. When she didn't get one, she told my sister, "I really wish I would have gotten one of those." So needless to say, she was ecstatic when I showed up with one, lovingly made by my sister Gazel for all the kids! She was so cute about it. It rained in Houston and so the backyard was a bit muddy and they didn't get to play outside much. It was also cold. We did go to the Butterfly exhibit at the Science Museum in Houston and we also took them to Chuck E Cheese.
On New Year's Eve, my sister's partner brought home tons of fireworks. That's legal in Texas. And I was appreciative of it. It would have been a very uneventful evening without them. The girls were enthralled for the most part. Once the big guns came out (not literally!), Naiobi and Reyna got frightened and ended up watching them out the bedroom window. Suddenly, they had something in common. They kept discussing how scary they were. All in all, I had a great time.

I really enjoyed myself. I am not opposed to doing a road trip again. But it will be some time. My trip back home ended up being one day shorter with the help of Carla, who decided, quite spontaneously, that she had the time an inclination to come to LA for a visit!

I have to say that my girls were absolutely FABULOUS on the trip! There was only a teeny tiny bit of fighting and almost zero "Are we there yets." I have great kids.

I made resolutions this year. I will post later.