Monday, December 6, 2010


Naiobi is particular. Clothes have to fit a certain way. She will stop wearing a jacket because the sleeves go up to far when she crosses her arms or raises her hand. That was the case with a very nice, warm Land's End jacket that is also very new. I got it earlier this year on super sale. I remembered that a while back I had purchased some cuff material. This is heavy duty stuff. It does not feel like polyester. I know I bought it in the garment district and I just happened upon it. I like to shop at those big fabric "dumps" where they sell everything for a quarter. Okay, not really a quarter, but dirt cheap. There were a few color combinations and I bought a good size piece of each. Did a quick search online but can't find anything like this. Dritz carries some though in case you are ever in need of replacements.

I pinned the cuff on after sewing it in a circle and then hand basted. I wanted to follow the stitching that was already there but I could only see from the right side.

The cuff was way too small for my free arm so I had to sew very slowly while the cuff went up into a cup shape.

And now I have a happy girl with sleeve lengths that are just right. You can see that her wrist is covered now when she crosses her arms. (Whenever she smiles hard like this I am astounded at how much she looks like her father. People overlook it only because she's light. They comment that her sister looks most like him, but it's untrue.)

Yet, they're not too long when her arms are down.


woolanthropy said...

Super smart and cute way to add to the jacket. A++

carlita dee said...

Hey, great job! You are so clever with this stuff.

It's peculiar how much people are blinded by skin color. From pics of her dad, I can see how much Naiobi looks like him.