Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello there!

Oh my it has been a long time! My friend Carlita says that "Facebook killed the blogging stars." Not that I was one of them, but it sure has pulled me away from here. But that's not all, I've not made anything to post about. You can see she hasn't posted anything in a while either. So what have I been up to?

Well, I sent my kids off to my sister's for 3 weeks and decided 3 weeks just wasn't enough time to get anything done. So I didn't.

I sent my kids off to school to start 1st and 5th grades.

I celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday. I decorated the store bought cake and it was a big hit with all the kids. Fortunately, i brought the bag of skittles and marshmallows so they all could have a bit of both on their piece.

I trained and ran in the Los Angeles Rock n' Roll Half Marathon. I was not, and still do not consider myself, a runner. It took me 2 hours and 54 minutes to complete it and I would do it again.

I went to 2 high school reunions for the same high school and the same class (Not mine) because I had friends in that class and because their reunion committee could not get along well enough to hold 1 reunion. So high school!

I won a prize at my kids' adult costume contest. I went all out with the yellow contacts.

And most recently, I completed Columbia's Muddy Buddy held in San Dimas. I won't be doing that again! Seriously, meant only for athletes, and I'm not one of them. Very difficult for both of us.

And that's it! No scrapbooking. No sewing. No crocheting. No attempts at knitting. Just living! I am starting to feel both the yarn and fabric itch, so maybe before the end of the year I will produce something. I hope my old blog friends are well.


carlita dee said...

I love that you've become a jock. You look fabulous. I adore the green dress on you. I think the girls are growing too fast, as I always think about kids. And wouldn't it be nice if you would do one of these posts each month? I'd love that. Maybe I'd join you.

woolanthropy said...

Yes FB has killed the blog. My blog has been languishing as well. You so have become a jock! You run and jump and get muddy. I love it! The girls are so big. This was a great catch up post. Hope to see you around.