Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Third one's a charm

So here's the finished product. I brought it to work to test it out (ahem, show it off). Naiobi was at her dad's so she didn't get to use it today anyway. The first one I made teeny tiny. It'll be good for those days when she or I are only taking snacks. Sometimes she wants the school lunch. The second was enormous and I'll end up using it for myself. It just needs straps. And the third was "just right."

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Promises, Promises

So I have promised, PROMISED, Naiobi a new lunchbag almost every weekend for the past month. Who promises anything nowadays? I always tell my girls, MAYBE and this time I PROMISED and haven't come through. And she does not let me forget it either. She wants one like the one Omari is wearing on her shoulder in this picture. Naiobi has a store bought bag that she hates because it doesn't have a shoulder strap and she has to carry it in her hand. So if there is anything that must be done today, it is a lunchbag.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's almost over.

I really do like this time of year. People are different. More friendly. Kinder. I wish it wasn't just 2 months of this. Because people need kindness all year long. I volunteered again at the same place I did last year but this year I was solo. My girls spent Thanksgiving with their dad in Arizona with his girlfriend's family. I know, right? Anyway, I've met her and what can I say? It's just like meeting anyone else. She's nice. I like her. My girls like her although they wish she wasn't daddy's girlfriend. And by they, I mean Omari.

This year I took pictures of the services they offer at this Westside Thanksgiving Celebration. People start lining up for food and services before 8am. While they wait, they get offered coffee, hot chocolate and pastries.
This year I made a turkey. People show up with cars FULL of cooked food. It's pretty awesome. I was there the night before setting up and they didn't have enough Turkey Cookers. So I took one home, seasoned it, baked it at 250 all night long, waking up every 2 hours to baste.
I love this. I know it has some reference to the Bible and Jesus which I don't know much about. Inside the auditorium they also have a barbershop and make-up station. Cuz we all like to look extra special sometimes.
And even the downtrodden have issues other than their financial situation. Maybe even more than the rest of us.

After I dropped off my turkey I drove over to Fontana and spent the day with my girfriend Monique where she put me to work mashing a huge pot of potatoes.
And because my sister and I have had bad experiences with other people making bad turkey, we vowed to make our own whenever we aren't the ones hosting. She spent Thanksgiving with her mother in law. So Saturday, brined this turkey for 4 hours (2 cups of salt instead of 1 for overnight brining) and had DELICIOUS turkey! I'm so sad it's gone that I'm considering making myself another.