Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Fairy, a Witch and a Princess (+ iPhone)

It's November! Wow. This year has gone by so quickly. A year ago, the idea of my life changed. I became intellectually separated from my husband and started counting the days until he moved out. We are getting along quite well. And I feel like he's way more involved with the girls than he was when he was here. I don't reject his offers for assistance with them and I feel like I can rely on him way more now than before. Maybe because I don't let him off the hook now. I have more expectations. Funny, huh?

So let's get to the good stuff! Halloween! This year Omari wanted to win a prize at school. Every year she'd been disappointed and I told her she needed to be something that would stand out. We had initially thought up an iPod and then I changed it to an iPhone. She got an Honorable Mention because the judge for Most Original costume was a dork. Seriously! The girl who won that category was wearing a store bought bee costume. The only thing original about it were the long stemmed flowers she taped around her ankles.

My girlfriend liked it so much she bought it off of us and wore it on Halloween night. You can't tell that much from the pictures, but the icons are covered with vinyl to give it the look of a screen. The ear phones were made using lightweight clay and they're attached to cording. I taped the ends of the cording to make it stiff, added hot glue on top off that and stuck it into the clay. Then added more hot glue at the base. The sides are made out of felt that Omari and I hot glued on. It held up way better than I expected. I used foam board (expensive! $5.99) for the front and back. It was fun to make.

On Halloween night, Omari was a fairy. I made the dress. She wore it all of 10 minutes because it was so damn hot! We were at a birthday party and they had a bouncer. Once the bouncing started, the dress TORE! Right at the shoulder seams. I had to go out and buy the long sleeved shirt because that see through, glimmery fabric feels like powdered glass against your skin! Also, the dress was extremely low cut.

Naiobi's got the witch look down!

And since nobody wanted to be the princess, I ended up with that costume. I try to go with some theme every year. Naiobi says she wants to be a vampire next year. She's got a thing for the dark side.

And best wishes for a happy marriage and fertility to my darling friend Dionne who got married in Palo Alto last weekend.