Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Childless and Boob issues

So I'm computerless again. Same problem with the logic board. I'm childless this summer. Three weeks ago I spent a week up on Berkeley with my sister and left the girls. They stayed for a week, came down for a week and now they're back in Berkeley. There's lots of potential in a childless summer. Will tell you more later. So I'm working on this Kwik Sew 3608 swimsuit.
This is my muslin. Going well but I don't like how it makes my boobs look.

I'd written in all the bubbles before I found this application for the phone called Blogpress. I think I'm going to like it. Only draw back is apparently you can't move the pictures around. So their not in the sequence I would have liked.

This is the side view that really shows the sag/droop/side flop Do you think using those bra liner cups would help? I don't think making the shelf bra in a smaller size would help. This is a medium at the top tapering out to large.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

How I make Booty Shorts

I've had a few emails recently about the booty shorts I make for the girls. I wasn't able to contact those people directly so I'm hoping they check back.

The first time I made the booty shorts I traced a pair they already had. These were pajama shorts. The white that you see at the top is foldover elastic which I use because I have a lot of it. You can see how I did that on this post here

For the more recent ones I used Jalie 2445 as a base but didn't make them exactly the same as the pattern has a separate waistband. I think I combined the waistband and bottom portion of the shorts when I was tracing the pattern out.

I'm currently making booty shorts from the Ottobre 4/2004 issue. This issue has underwear, camisoles, leggings and shorts. The shorts and leggings are the same pattern. The shorts are very short, too much like underwear for my daughter, so I just extended the cutting line a bit. I will finish them up this week and post a picture next week with the older girl wearing them. She's at my sister's in Berkeley right now.

Yeah, those booty shorts are expensive! My girls take gymnastics and they sell them for $20!