Thursday, May 7, 2009


A boy should at least call a girl and tell her he doesn't want to go out, right? Asked a boy, okay, a man, out to lunch on Monday for Friday. Left a message on his cell phone and he hasn't responded. Hope this means he's just inconsiderate and not injured or hospitalized or something dramatic like that. He's a friend from 20 years ago. Reconnected on Facebook (that thing is fun)! Not looking for a love connection and I told him that. I'm just really curious about people that I knew in my past. I like to find out what's become of their lives, what they're like as adults. He's not the first person this has happened with either. Seems people reconnecting on Facebook like to say things like, "Let's hook up" or "We should get together sometime" but don't know what to do with that once the other person says "Okay." Oh well. I asked him to join me for my birthday celebration too in a couple of weeks. I think I will tell him he's off the hook and celebrate with my awesome girlfriends only.

No Sewing since the great Panty Making a few weeks ago. I'm missing it.