Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm sticking to Panty Making

This is Vogue 1046. I used a slinky dot fabric from Joann. I thought that using the slinky fabric would make it flow nicely. It does flow nicely. But there is just too much fabric. This needs to be redrafted so that the fullness is concentrated in the center of the dress, with no gathers going beyond the breasts and into the armpits. No No No. The other 2 reviewers of this dress on PR had no more success than I did in making this look cute.

At first I was thinking that it just doesn't look good cuz I'm a little on the Large side. But the other 2 reviewers were both thin. So that's not it. The problem is, the model on the pattern envelope is holding her hand on her hip in a way the pushes all the extra fabric back behind her so that one has no idea how much dress there really is. This was very disappointing. I thought it was going to be so cute!

Here's my attempt at trying to make it wearable. Might have worked if it weren't for how thrown together it looks in the back.

And Natalie, this is not a good muumuu pattern because of the amount of work involved: the gathers, slip stitching the facing together at the shoulders, then slipstitching the facings down. Oh, and it's lined too. But it shouldn't be hard to find one. Any of the dress patterns out now that don't have any waist detail would work. How 'bout this one?

OH! This one would DEFINITELY work!

Do you twitter?

I think I'm liking this twitter thing. But I need more people to "follow." Following CNN, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's is a little, um, boring. I'd like to follow the daily ramblings of other crafty people. Let me know. On twitter I am Liliajams.

Another Muumuu dress coming soon. Different pattern, worse result.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are you Dating?

So the ex and I met at the girls' gym tonight. To talk about bills, and filing for divorce, custody and such. It was fine. The custody issue is to be further discussed. I want sole custody with him having visitation. Pretty much, the way it is now. All was fine. He told me he was dating someone which I'd already figured from something that Omari said but Omari doesn't know yet which is good. He then asks me if I'm seeing anybody. And it was a total Ally McBeal moment for me. I saw myself blow my top, eyes bug out and all that. I was thinking: WHEN? When would I have TIME to date anybody? I get EXACTLY 4 WHOLE evenings a month to myself. FOUR. You get THIRTEEN evenings in between your visits with them. and FULL days! I get 2 full days a month. The Saturdays that they're with him. Because they come back on Sunday. And on Sunday I am planning meals, grocery shopping, ironing uniforms. So I'm not at all pissed because he's dating. I'm pissed because I CAN'T even if I WANTED to. Which I don't. But if I wanted to, it would be nice if I could.


(It actually helped to get that off my chest).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Underwear Month: Complete

(ETA: That yellow ruffled lace did not hold up well at all in the wash. Came out of the washer torn off in places.)
Turns out I had a total of 7 panties left to do. I finished the 3 last night and the the other 4 that were hiding in the pile, this morning. Last night I was feeling grumpy about it but today I am quite satisfied and feel very accomplished. I can't wait to show the girls. You can tell which ones are going to be the favorites right? It's going to be those polka dot ones.

These are from Ottobre 4/2004. I've made these for them before. Dislikes: on the big girl panties there is no lining in the crotch. But daughter says it doesn't bother her. On the little girl panties, connecting the crotch to the back piece requires some finagling. They have to be eased together which is something I haven't had to do with any other pattern. Big Likes: NO SIDE SEAMS. This is obvious on the big girl panty, but also true on the little girl ones. Aren't the big girl ones just TOO CUTE? I need to enlarge this pattern and make some for me!
Fabric used: yellow rayon with ruffled elastic; purple bamboo/cotton with scalloped elastic

These are the easiest to make because the crotch is included in the front piece and the lining is only attached at the seam where the front and the back piece meet. No need to sandwich the seams so that they end up on the inside of the crotch and crotch lining.
Fabric used: polka dot tissue weight 100% cotton jersey with ruffled elastic; White bamboo/cotton with butterfly printed foldover elastic.

In comparison to the others, this pattern is very high cut. I didn't alter this, but remembered that when I first made these for Omari I had to add to the back to get more butt coverage. I imagine these won't be her favorite. I'm interested to see how they fit Naiobi.
Fabric used: Purple and Pink Bamboo/Cotton Jersey with two-tone elastic and with pink/metallic foldover elastic

For my pair I used up the rest of my burnout lace fabric and used scalloped elastic on one pair and foldover elastic on the other. They actually fit me fine and I don't have butt coverage issues. But my butt is shaped different than Omari's. It's large, but hers sits high up (bubble butt shape) and mine is distributed more evenly. I've just got more all around as opposed to it all being concentrated in one area.

One of Naiobi's biggest complaints, and that actually brings on tears, are the side seams on her store-bought underwear. When she wakes up in the morning, the seams have left deep, hurtful impressions on her. She HATES this. COMPLAINS and CRIES about this almost every morning. I've tried to get her to just not wear any underwear to bed, but she feels naked. She sometimes wears shorts instead. The reason the seams are so large is because they don't sew the binding on in the round. It is sewn in flat, then the side seams are sewn. You can see how bulky it is and how much flatter the ones I made are in comparison. After making them, I also thought it would be best when making hers, to not use the serger. Just the visual of the side seam is too much for her to handle. She's a bit, um, sensitive.

These will do for a while. Now that there isn't such a need for making them, I'll make them now and then to have more choices. So now that this is done, the rest of my day is free. To do chores and run errands and try and find a dress for Naiobi for Easter. All her dresses are in a box here somewhere....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sneaky April

Had I known April was going to sneak up on me like this, I would have finished up Underwear Month 2 weeks ago, when all the panties needed was elastic. So I was working on that today, all mad at myself for putting it off. Got 3 more left to finish. But now I've lost my mojo. Panties don't sew up as quickly as I imagined.

I sat on the couch for a bit and anytime I do that my eyes close on me. Made myself get up and wash the dishes in an effort to get some energy back. But got onto Bloglines after that and got sucked into someone else's sad story and now I'm crying. I feel sad when my girls are gone.

It was fun at first. A WHOLE weekend to myself! I was just itching!!! So many things I could do! I could go out! I could sew! I could make a mess and leave it! I went to the movies. Spent hours in bookstores. Saw friends for all kinds of meals as well as coffee. But the fun seems to be wearing out now. Fridays are the hardest. It breaks my routine of coming home with my children in tow. Every other Friday I come home alone and that's rough. I don't know what to do with myself. I had planned to make plans on those Fridays. But I don't want to bother anyone. That includes me LOL. I don't want to bother myself. Funny, ha? I'm okay when I wake up on Saturday morning until they return Sunday night. It's just Friday that's hard.

Okay, pity party's over. Got 3 more undies to make.