Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm wondering if I need a tetanus shot after this little mishap. Yes. I punctured my finger with my sewing machine needle. I NEVER imagined this would happen to me. Mostly because I always imagine it happening and so I sew carefully. But there you have it. It actually didn't hurt as much as I'd imagined it would. It's throbbing a little now hut not bad. It's probably going to hurt like hell tomorrow. (Funny, but the word hell is not in my iPhone's dictionary. It autocorrects to: he'll.) Anyway, it was surprising that blood actually spattered. I didn't expect that. I don't know how my top joint got caught in all this but it's now a little bit swollen. I was making leg warmers for Naiobi since she's decided that 1) she doesn't like tights anymore, 2) she refuses to wear jeans and 3) all her other non-jean pants are too short. That girl is so particular. We FIGHT in the morning over her clothes AND SHE WEARS A UNIFORM!!! I am not looking forward to teenagehood.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

So a little while ago, Jacqui very sweetly nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. I'm supposed to nominate 7 other blogs. I don't know the origins of the award or what the "requirements" are. I am nominating the blogs I most enjoy reading:

1. Purly Victorious I started a love affair with this author as soon as I came across her blog. I don't even remember how. I quickly devoured every single post and then made crazy Carla my friend! Her writing is awesome, she makes stuff, she takes cool pictures and, did I mention, her writing is awesome!

2. Green Room Thoughts Mrs. Peevie very rarely posts a picture but her writing is so awesome you don't need one!!! I came across this blog when I learned about some blog awards somewhere. Mrs. Peevie, do you have a book? You need to write one.

3. Katie Alender Okay, well Katie used to have a really cool name for her blog but now I can't remember what it was. Her writing is also awesome!! (hmm, I'm sensing a theme here). She's got a book coming out soon and I can't wait. Oh and she makes stuff too, once in a while. OH, I remember the name. It was "Maybe I'm Biased."

4. c jane enjoy it Although I don't like the current banner on this blog, I really enjoy reading. The banner doesn't matter much anyway since I read blogs via bloglines most of the time and the banner doesn't show. This family had quite a tragedy last summer and they are now in recovery. This girl's writing is quite fun and she has really cute nieces and nephew and son and she posts pics of them daily.

5. Woolanthropy This one I like bc Natalie is just so sweet and she's just the kind of girl that makes you smile. Her hubby makes great food for her which she shares with us (via pics and recipes) and the girl knits and sews creatively and is just generous. I just like her.

6. The True Life Adventures of Violence Girl Alice Bag's autobiographical blog. Well, I guess they are all autobiographies in a way, right? But this is really a documentation of her life. I knew Alice a long time ago when I was running around in the music world. She says she's not a writer, but she is a good one too.

7. All Buttoned UpA young family of 5. Busy. Crazy and interracial. Lots to deal with and lots to share. The mama is creative and her boys are Gorgeous! I enjoy reading about their adventures, the help they get from their friends and the rides they take in their Bakfiets.

8. African KelliOH, I just have to nominate one more. I really, really enjoy reading about Kelli's adventures. She's a tri-athlete who wants to make the world a better place and does something about it, not just lament about it. She also sews, and makes journals and cards with stamps and fabric and Jars of Renewal. She's just a good chick.

And their you have it. The 8 blogs I most look forward to reading when I open up Bloglines. But they are not the first I read as I like to have time to actually sit and enjoy them. They are not blogs that I skim. I read a lot of blogs. Lots of sewing blogs. Those I can skim through. See the nice pics and move on. Not so with these. So, when you click on the links, ensure it's a time when you actually have time. I'd hate for you to be interrupted mid-read.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Dorm Room

For a long time, I wanted to switch rooms with the girls. This Christmas, BIL and my sister helped me do that. I never had much in my bedroom. Just my bed and 2 dressers. The girls have infinitely more stuff than I do and they needed the bigger space. When my sister came out a couple of weeks ago, she said it looked like a dorm room. Doesn't it? It does have that I-must-fit-everything-I-own-into-this-space-kind of look.

Half of my new bedroom is now my sewing area. Only 1 box of fabric is left in the kitchen and it's a nice box so no one knows what's in it. There's still work to do. Like removing the big vinyl flower stickers on the walls and the flowery curtains.

My tv has been my companion on all my late night sewing sessions and it feels lonely in my bedroom without one. Considering putting one in there. I don't dig listening to books on tape when I'm sewing. I can't concentrate on both sewing and books at the same time! When I watch tv it's always something that isn't too deep or that I've seen before.

I got the table at Idea for $40 I think. Under it I have my Ottobres, Jalies, and other pattern books, a binder with tutorials and patterns I've printed out and a box with patterns. I also put my crafty books there for now.

These green boxes have interfacing and ribbon, UFOs and stuff.

This is my closet. All that in the bottom is fabric. In the big blue Ikea bag are full pieces of fabric. The box with orange lid has SCRAPS people! SCRAPS! The one on top has pieces that have been cut into but still more than 1/2 yard left.

And here is an unfilled space. I think I should probably get a dresser, but would like to get another table. Don't know yet. The thing is, I haven't been able to bring myself to actually cut out fabric in here. Sewing is fine eventhough the lighting isn't that great. When I want to trace or cut, I clear off my kitchen table and do it out there. Bring out the cutting mat, rotary cutter, etc. I guess some habits are hard to break. One big downside is that there's carpet in there. You can imagine all the threads and scraps that get stuck on there right? In the kitchen it was easy to sweep up.

The best thing is, being able to leave my project out. I still put most things away before going to sleep, but I can leave the machines out, the project on the table, etc and that's nice. I was thinking last night that I could even just hop on over to my bed if I really wanted to.

Hearts and Denim bag

Omari's been asking for a bag that she can carry around. We went to Joann Fabrics and she picked out the fabrics to be used. She was very excited about me making it and was very happy with it this morning. She's pretty easy to please unlike someone else I know. I digress.

The bag was going along just fine. I made the outside and it went smoothly. I made the lining and that was fine too. But attaching the two together was a pain in the ass. The lining just doesn't seem like it was made for the outside of the bag. The pattern pieces are not the same. The outer bag end up having a U shaped bottom with a V shaped top (flares out at the top) but the lining is completely straight. So attaching the flared top to a straight lining top was not happening. I ended up pleating it a little bit in the back. Also the inner pocket is kind of weird in that it attaches into the seam allowance on the bottom. This means the pocket curves into the bottom. Just seems odd. If I made it again, I'd use the same pattern pieces as the outside to make the lining.

I wasn't able to use the loop or slider for the strap bc it was just too thick. Probably would have worked without interfacing. I also interfaced the lining pieces which was not called for. But I don't like really floppy bags. I just feel kind of "meh" about this bag but Omari likes it and finds it useful. My favorite part is the outer fabric and the 2 ribbons sewn onto the top of the front pocket.

UCLA Sweatshirt Shrink

Omari needed some college attire for Spirit Day at her school. This was the ONLY thing I had. Nothing from undergrad and I'd recently gotten rid of a grad school t-shirt. I used an Ottobre pattern from the recent 1/09 issue. It doesn't look like the pattern bc it was long sleeved and a soft jersey was used. I had to make 3/4 length sleeves bc of the holes and I liked it better this way, but she said they were too tight when she tried it on that morning. So I ran back to the machine to make them short.

Here's what the sweatshirt looked like on me. This was and OLD sweatshirt that I kept from a boy I was dating in college. Not at UCLA. It was tattered almost to bits as you can see. The fabric was actually quite fragile and at one point tore it where I was sewing on the FOE (fold over elastic). GRRRR.

Omari LOVED the sweatshirt top. It was washed the next day and she wore it again. She was actually verbally attacked at school bc her school is right next door to USC and so most of the kids are loyal to it. I thought my girlfriend's kids would certainly be wearing UCLA attire as they are big fans, but instead they wore Chinese garments in celebration of the new year. No Worries, all attacks were quickly put to an end by school staff.