Friday, January 16, 2009

Jalie 2449, Crossover Top

This turned out to be the best shot of the top. Me with the "sleepy eyes" as Naiobi said.

I like the style of this blouse. I really like the fabric, Rayon/Spandex jersey. But I HATED sewing it. It is SO stretchy. Not only that, my serger really needs a tune up. I'm going to clean it tonight since that seemed to help it run smoothly for awhile. No, I do not clean my serger after each use even though I've read that I should.

I'm certain I've mentioned before how I can't ever make anything without at least having to tear out 1 seam? Yes, even on the simplest of things, like a pillowcase, I will do something wrong. I think I just jinx myself. This time it was the crossover. It looked fine when I was pinning it. Wrong side out. Yes, I should be able to see the full panel I thought. I serged it together, and once it was right side out, well. Take a look.

Grrrrr. Anyway, the top is REALLY comfy. And I discovered that if I wear a tank top underneath I don't look so lumpy. Good solution until I get in shape.

And I need a big pot. Where does one find a good one that doesn't cost $100? The only place I thought to look was Macy's and they only had 1 and it was $100 and I didn't like it all that much. II headed to Marshall's where they only had small ones. This is what it looks like when I make Chicken Soup. (By the way, I followed this recipe from Rosy Little Things and it's fantastic! First time ever using/trying/tasting parsnips. They're like an offspring of a carrot and a potato.) See how nothing fits? So I cook it for a while, then I have to go back and flip the bird (ha!) and mix the veggies around so that everything gets cooked. I used to make it in 2 pots but the ex took the other pot.

I think I need about a 12 qt one, maybe even a little bigger for when my sister comes over. And I don't like non-stick pots. And I don't like the cheap aluminum ones they sell at the market to steam your tamales either. I want a good one, but don't want to pay $100. Maybe not possible. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

The top looks great! And I also ALWAYS sew a seam (or 2) wrong and have to redo it. Oh well.
As for a large pot...have you a costco or sams club near you? If you look in the restaurant supply section you can find heavy duty pots that are really big for cheap and they will last forever! Or even a regular restaurant supply store will have many, many differnt sized pots. Mine is so big (from a restaurant supply house), it just barely fits into my dishwasher!

Kath said... has a nice selection of stockpots in the $50-$60 range...including a nice one by Cuisinart. It kills me that Amazon won't ship to Canada!
Or take a look at

Elbee said...

Thanks for the suggestions. For someone who buys almost everything online, I hadn't thought to look for this. I love Overstock! I think I found one I like. Plus a few other things I wasn't planning for LOL.

Anonymous said...

TJMaxx and restaurant supply houses also are good places to look if you are out and about.

Dana said...

I did the exact same thing when I made a muslin of that top. Yours (corrected top) looks great!

woolanthropy said...

Top looks great.

And a more expensive pot is worth the investment in cooking.

Jacqui said...

Oooh - don't you hate ripping out serged seams? It happens to me all time. Of course, if you never would've told us, we never would've know - it looks great.

I nominated you for a blogger award on my blog if you like to play along with those. =)

carlita dee said...

That's a cute top. Agreed on the tank/camisole trick. Very smoothing.

I got a really nice Cuisinart pot when I needed something to make chili in. It was 40 bucks at Ross. Regular retail was about 90.

carlita dee said...

Okay I checked out that recipe. Now I have to try it. Thanks to you, I'll be eating chicken soup next week.

carlita dee said...

Shoot. Forgot to say let us know what pot you come up with. I might want to get a 12qt too.