Monday, September 29, 2008

The girl turns 4.

And this is what she wore. Folks, she HATED the unicorn dress! Can you believe that? I was mad and disappointed. She had seen it, declared it beautiful, tried it on. Never saying anything about it. See for yourself.

See, she's already holding the t-shirt in her hand.

Nonetheless, a good time was had by all. The dress hung in the background as a decoration. I tried my hand at making a nice looking cake and think I may have found a new hobby! This was so much fun. It's just a vanilla cake mix and I used both Pastry Pride and Frosting Pride for the filling and icing. I didn't know which would work better so I tried both. I have to say, I still don't know which one is better LOL. My sister helped me. We used fresh strawberries mixed with the Frosting Pride in the middle of the 2 cakes. We used the Pastry Pride for the icing. It worked out, But know that if you are planning to decorate the cake, the Pastry Pride has to set. So it would be best to frost the cake the night before. I thought the cake came out a bit dry but everyone loved it. Next time I'll stick to Mayo in the cake mix. I used sour cream this time and I think that's why it wasn't as moist as usual.

Making these white chocolate unicorn pops was a PITB and not something I will be doing again. First, I burned the chocolate. Twice. In the microwave. So had to try a dutch oven method in order to get it melted. And it was messy. I stamped "Many Thanks" on some white mailing labels and stuck those on the lollipop cellophane bags. I bought Gourmet Writers and the kids colored their own lollipops.

Her celebration at preschool consisted of Strawberry Cupcakes made my moi and my sister. I got the recipe from here. There are some FABULOUS sounding recipes over there and I'm sure I'll be consulting there again. I didn't make the buttercream frosing b/c I had tons of whip leftover. These cupcakes also feature fresh strawberries in the batter and strawberry preserves in the topping. Those are stickers on toothpicks.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Naiobi is turning 4 next Monday and we are having a "unihorse" themed party for her this weekend. I finished most of the dress last weekend. This weekend all I did was add the ribbon and make the buttonholes. I'd originally thought I'd use up some metallic purple ric rac on it. . But it didn't feel right and Carlita confirmed that ribbon looked better. I bought some wired ribbon at Joann's. It's only safety pinned onto the dress so I can take it off for washing.

It's closed with a button in the back. But I had to overlap it significantly in order for it to fit well and I added an extra button. That's her holding it up. She wanted to help.

I also made a skirt for Omari who was feeling a little left out of the action.
I didn't have a zipper to match but I don't think it looks bad. I'm going to make her a top too. Can't decide whether to make her a similar tiered top or a peasant top. Either way, she was bemoaning not having a ribbon/flower combo on her skirt. So I might do that too. But then, Naiobi is the bday girl so maybe her dress should be a little more special. We'll see. I can't wait to see them all dressed up. Will post pics next week.

I added 3/8" elastic in the seam allowance between the yoke front and yoke front lining. I was afraid it would be too loose. It still was a little and I wish I would have added it all the way around.

OH, here's a quick top on pinning the flounces onto the stay (the dress). It can get pretty frustrating because your trying to pin the flounces on without catching the bottom part of the fabric. I solved that by placing a plastic placemat inside the dress. That way the pins had somewhere to stop.

Also made a bunch of booty shorts using one my Jalie patterns as a base. Omari wears these under her skirts/dresses. They are made from Kevin's old t-shirts. I can make 1 pair for Omari and 1 for Naiobi out of 1 shirt.

The Missing Sock

and top, and t-shirt, and leotard, Oh and another top. Now why didn't I suspect that I had missed a load of laundry at the laundromat yesterday? I did think it was odd that while I was folding, none of my tops came up. None of the ones I hang on a hanger of which I always have at least 5 cuz they're the tops I wear to work. Hmm. That's weird. But didn't cause me to go check and see if something was left behind. Coming home and putting the laundry away, also, didn't make me think to dash back to the laundromat. With only 1 top to be hung in my closet. I briefly wondered where all my clothes was. I didn't suspect it until this morning. When I couldn't find a red top. Where is it? I washed it. thinking, thinking. But I didn't FOLD IT! OH my God I left a machine! Well, I dashed back to the laundromat at 6:30 this morning. But I did not know what else was missing. So I didn't know what color load it was. I told the attendant it was dark clothes. So she brings out 3 bags of dark, left behind clothes. None of it is mine. I go back home defeated. Wondering what else could be missing. Wondering out loud what I wore last week. Omari tells me I wore on orange shirt with white on it. OH My God! It was a load of RED clothes. Too late now. Gotta get the girls too school. It takes me an hour to find the laundromat online and nobody answers the phone now. Should I dash back during lunch only to find that it's not going to be there? Ugh. I am SO mad at myself right now.

Not only is my wardrobe dumpy, It is extremely limited. I wear the same tops and pants to work week after week. I am pissed. Not only THAT! My new top I wore just a week ago is among them. The brown and light blue one. Pissed! And yes, I do speak like this. With all the italics and exclamation points thrown in. My husband hates it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fancy Nancy Flounces

How utterly silly of me is it to want this doll? We have every one of these books. Nancy totally reminds me of Omari. The fancy girl with the non-fancy family.

In fact, the pattern I'm using for Naiobi's birthday dress was purchased because it reminded me of that lavender dress. But it's not it.

This one here might work. But how do I add more flounces? I would have to add flounces in between the existing ones. I would have to decrease the width of each and increase the length of each addition by, how much?

If you have any idea what pattern would make a better match, please let me know.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Jalie 2806

Going back to the pretty clothes thing, I wanted to wear something different (ie, new) to a miniature golf party we attended this past Sunday. I have 4 total Jalie top patterns and as much as I really wanted to try a new one, I just didn't want to put the time into tracing the pattern and using more than 4 pieces as this one only has. So, I made it again. This time with the 3/4 sleeves. It turned out better than I expected. I wasn't very happy with it the first time I made it, but realize it had everything to do with the fabric. This is a thin jersey print. Like a thin t-shirt. I wasn't expecting a great result b/c it didn't have as much stretch as the pattern recommended. But I am very happy with it. I will not make another in this view. The sleeveless version would have been perfect for the 95 degree weather in City of Industry. For chrissakes! I am just not used to extreme temperatures. I live 5 miles from the ocean. The weather is always great!

And this here pose is for Ms. Carlita. Did I get it?

It took some practice. See? Here's the first time I tried it.

Full Circle

How this fabric became a skirt.
This was a fat quarter pack that I bought at Joann's with the intention of making a little quilt for the little boy I was supposedly carrying in my belly in 2004. Suprise, suprise. It's a girl. It sat around for a while before I decided to turn it into a skirt. And that's the story.

There were 8 fat quarters and I eeked this skirt out. I made 2 circle skirts at the same time and vowed never to make another.

I made the skirt last year and sent it to my Niece2 in Texas. She was 4 at the time and my sister sent it back to me last week. I have 3 nieces and I love that we share our girls' clothing. Naiobi now wears some things that Omari wore when she was little. But they were first shipped to Berkeley and worn by Niece1 then shipped off to Texas to be worn by Niece2, then back to Naiobi in California and we then ship back to Niece3 in Texas. And she's the last stop. Most clothes is pretty sturdy, even though they've been rough and tumbled by kids. Jeans really last and have been returned without any tears and only minimal fading. Because of this, almost the entirety of Naiobi's wardrobe was handed down. The only things we aquire regularly are pajamas, socks and panties.

Naiobi likes colorful clothes and she loves skirts and dresses so she was quite pleased with this skirt. She was a little distraught that she doesn't have a green or yellow top. I had to convince her that it was okay to wear the pink shirt since the skirt had a pink ribbon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pretty Clothes

"Why aren't you wearing pretty clothes today?" 
 I've been wearing dresses to work the past few days and apparently, Naiobi approved.  Today I'm wearing slacks and a knit top and "pretty shoes" but not pretty clothes to go along with them.  My wardrobe leaves much to be desired.  I started an office job 2 years ago and bought clothes desperately and cheaply.  I'm still wearing those same clothes except for the aforementioned dresses, a couple of which were made by me.  I know I have to make more stuff for myself.  I need to plunge into making some slacks and get some more knit tops going.  I mean, those Jalie tops I made a couple of months ago were easy and fast.  So what am I waiting for?! 
I get distracted by making stuff for the girls.  Which they do not need.  They both wear uniforms to school, which means most of their clothes stays in their closet unworn.  They only need 2 outfits for the weekend and so they have more than enough of everything.  And time is a whole other barrier as it is for most of us.  I am trying to go to bed earlier so that I may once again start getting up early in the morning to exercise.  Evening workouts just are not fun.  Well, neither is getting up at 5am, but hey!  I'm more of a morning person than a night person.
My plan right now is to sew up all the fabric I currently own.  Most of which is, kid fabric.  So what am I to do?  Pretty clothes will have to wait a bit longer. 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lily Beth Bag: More Pictures

Inside of Bag has 1 divided pocket.

The back. Per the instructions. The back should look just like the front. I didn't like that. So I used the pattern piece for the inside lining to cut out the piece for the outside.

And a gorgeous button. This is one of the buttons that came in my surprise button package from Ms. Carlita Dee. My sister loved the button.

So I used the other brown back part to make a front pocket. I know you can tell here, but I hemmed one of the brown pieces at the top.

You then baste and use as one piece to join to the side pieces and, TADA! Front Pocket! I do plan on making this again. It's a good size bag and easy to make. It may need a zippered pocket on the inside though.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall Circles Apron

I Love my new apron! This is the apron I received from my last swap. I love all the colors, how the contrast strip on the pockets is the same fabric but in white, and the fabric she used on the ties. The whole apron is faced too and well sewn. I've been wearing it since I got home.

I like wearing an apron, I've discovered. I like hiding behind it. I feel comforted and comfortable. Once I slip it on, I very rarely end up taking it off until I go to bed. Unless I'm leaving the house of course. But the thought has crossed my mind to wear it out...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something for the nephew

My newphew gets a assed out in the handmade clothing department. I mean, boys patterns just aren't very inspiring. I really wanted to make something for him. A few months ago I came across some cute boy fabrics at Joann's and they'd been sitting around waiting to be made into something. I was not interested in making a shirt. So what's left?

The boxer shorts were made using Kwik Sew 2179. The fabric was in my sister's stash. I didn't really want to make boxers out of the fabric I had, but did want to make boxers. I made him 2 exact same pairs and he loved them. He was fascinated with the "hole." Cute boxers, super easy, super fast and very satisfying. I didn't even leave my sister the pattern so I can make him more.

The pajama pants were made using the same pattern, just elongated.

And finally, a pair of shorts. The fly is sewn shut on these. They fall below the knee and I added fake little cargo pockets. That was my intent. But once I saw what they really looked like, they seemed a bit complicated to try and tackle without instruction or pattern.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Final Apron Swap.

Okay, I actually finished this apron 2.5 weeks ago and I just haven't gotten around to posting it. I didn't even mail it right away. I was just too busy with getting ready to go my sister's and finishing her bag. More pics of that soon too.

This was for the Sassy Apron Swap and was made for a gal named Molly over at Fattycake Designs. Watch the volume, she has music. She and her hubby own a vending machine business. How cool is that? She requested a vintage Halloween apron. Hmmm. I wasn't too sure about what a vintage apron would look like and I wasn't feeling the Halloween since I'd just finsihed one. I spotted this fabric at Joann's and had to get it. On her blog there's a widget on the right side that displays the current phase of the moon. I liked it and I thought it fit the bill. Her favorite color is purple so I bought the shimmery purple to contrast AND shimmery purple ric rac too! LOVE IT! Total overkill, but it works, yes?

Pattern Used: Butterick 4838: I was shooting for vintage. Did I get it? So, the purple band is supposed to go up in a widow's peak which turned into a little hill instead. What's important is that it still looks good without it.

SHIMMER, SHIMMER, SHIMMER and buttons that attach the shoulder straps to the waistband.

And a matching Pot Holder/Trivet thingy. This was hard to make b/c of the single fold bias tape I used. Duh!

Per Molly, she loves it! Success!!! Now I am anxiously awaiting mine. My partner was nice enough to contact me to let me know she'd mailed it out a day late. And no more swaps for me.

Another one bites the dust!

This little 3rd grader is a ball of nerves! Can you tell? (Photo's grainy b/c I used Scribble on the iphone to block out the name of the school, then saved.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Better Celebrity Look-alikes

Okay, only 1 boy this time. You THINK I have too much time on my hands. I'm just going to let my kids go to school stinky tomorrow and skip their bath. Eeeww!

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity

My Celebrity Look Alikes

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Don't know if everyone looks like a man, but I got 5 look alikes. Don't know who half these people are. But Chad Michael Murray? Really? Where? LOL. I'm going to try another picture to see what I get.

I love a bitty in uniform.

Today was my little bitty's first day of preschool. I was so sad at the market yesterday thinking about what I would pack in her lunchbag. Doesn't it look huge next to her? Funny bc it used to be Omari's and just didn't hold enough food for her. Naiobi was really excited and dashed into the school but as soon as we got inside her classroom she clung to my legs. She did not want to stay in the classroom and was only interested in the playground. I stayed a bit with her and her grumpy face, kept talking to her and begrudgingly answered Yes, when I asked if she was ready to take a picture with her teacher. I explained that in5 minutes she would be having playground time and I left. She came after me but only to give me a kiss. I peeked at her sharing legos and stilled my heart before walking away. It was not this sad with Omari.

Her report said she had a great day. She ate all her lunch and she said she had fun. She declared the school "sweaty." It's about a 10 degree difference from the Westside where we live and she's been babysat her whole life, to downtown. She brought home colorings and drawings and showed me what looks like a picture frame they're working on in the classroom. She's already asking about kindergarten.