Sunday, March 30, 2008


So I went a little crazy making aprons this weekend. I actually started them last Saturday and was able to finish one. A pink one like Naiobi is wearing for a birthday girl. I actually didn't end up giving it to her b/c I wasn't quite happy with the ties. I've now added ribbon and d-rings. I don't recommend either. If you're going to use ribbon. Fuse 2 ribbons together to make it more sturdy and skip the d-rings all together or find smaller, lighter ones. The one's I could find were large and are quite heavy so I'm likely going to take those off.

OH. I got the pattern for the bib apron fromSilly Piggy Monkey. To make it bigger I traced around the original pattern and you can see how much bigger I made it for an 8yo.

The green one also started out as a bib apron, but Omari said she wanted one without so I just cut it off. And of course, I made a matching apron for the doll. The one with the turquoise trim is my favorite. I started it as a gift but knew I was going to have Omari chose which one she wanted and she kept that one (yay!).

I finished Naiobi's apron by using fold over elastic around the neck. It's stretches out to fit her head and is just the right size when it's on.

Making Labels on Mac

So I decided I was going to make some labels to label the things I give away. Now I don't have any kind of editing software so I thought it would be easy to do it using Microsoft Word. Well, it took me 2 hours to get it right. And then guess what? Microsoft Word doesn't have any kind of mirror image button. Remember that you have to print this out backwards so that the letters appear the right way when you iron it on. Now I'm panicking b/c I have about 30 minutes before I have to leave for this bday party in Corona which is really FAR. So after a few google searches I figure out how to do it. I'm posting it here so it's all in one place. I did it again today and I'd already forgotten how to do it. I used on iron-on transfer paper that I got at Joann's. There are 3 sheets to a package and it's $5.99. I used my 40% off coupon for it.

To start you need to remember this: you will be saving a Word document to PDF, then as JPEG, flipping your picture and then saving it again as PDF so that the mirror image sticks. If you don't do that last part, although the image appears on the screen backwards, when you print it out, it will be the right way. (One sheet of transfer paper wasted).

1. Create your label and save in Word
2. Go to File, Print
3. Click Save as PDF. On a MAC, there's a blue button that says PDF. It has a drop down button that says Save as PDF
For how to do this on a PC Click Here
4. Open up Preview on your MAC
5. Open your file. At this point, the Flip Horizontal option, under Tools, is grayed out.
6. Click on Save As and change the format to JPEG
7. Click on Tools and click on Flip Horizontal. Your image is now flipped, but you aren't finished.
8. Click on Save As again, change format back to PDF
Now you're done!

I imagine that the process is the same if you're on a PC. I guess you would just have to do the same things using Adobe Acrobat.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

For a few years now, my friend Antionette has invited us to either her or her parents' home for Easter. This year it was at her parents' home in Upland. Every year we stuff our faces with DE LI CIOUS food. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, rolls, green salad, fruit salad, gourmet popcorn, pies, Yum. We always have a really nice time with them. Everyone is relaxed and free and I feel so welcome and invited and just part of, you know? You know how sometimes you go to people's homes, even good friends, and you feel like you shouldn't be there? It's never like that here. Marcela (the food pusher) and Bobby welcome us with open arms. It's great to have people like that around. Especially when you've got no family of your own around. Thanks Ant, to you and your parents for loving us.

Well, Antionette's cousin and wife and their three daughters, along with the Torres girls, my girls and Annie the neighbor made for a yard for of girls! No Boys! I wondered what kind of havoc would have been caused by throwing a boy into the mix.

I made these dresses for the girls from some lightweight denim I picked up at Michael Levine's when I was there for the PR weekend. Omari's dress hits just above her knee and she said it was too short! Huh? Naiobi's dress gave me a bit of a headache and I actually had to make up the bodice part of the dress twice. But my zipper in the back came out awesome. Yay me! Those little flowers are glued on. That's right. It's a glue called Unique Stitch and it is permanent and doesn't come off at all in the wash. And of course, I had to make a matching dress for Katrina. Omari was thrilled.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Make My Day Award goes to.....

Carla from PurlyVictorious. I am just so happy that her words are back! I read many blogs but this is the one that makes me happy and the one I look forward to. She is witty and clever, her pictures are ethereal and she just makes me laugh. She puts into words many things I feel but can't express as I am not so sharp in my commentary. Further, she's a fellow Los Angeleno and a creative woman of color. I haven't asked what part of L.A. she lives b/c I'm hoping to figure it out from her pictures. Once I even thought I saw her at the Turbo Kickboxing class at the gym! But being that her foot was broken, was highly unlikely. Anyway, Carla, you make my day and I'm glad I "met" you in the blogosphere.

Now the way this is supposed to work is I'm supposed to pass the award on to 5-10 people, depending on who you ask, once I have been nominated. Well, who says I have to wait for a nomination? Not like me to wait for permission anyway.

Baby/Kids leg warmers

So they have this tutorial over on You Can Make and I've wondered and wondered about the cute fabrics and why it looks so seamless. Well today I found out! Check out this FREE tutorial on how to make your own.

You basically just take a pair of kids knee high socks to make baby leg warmers and adult knee highs to make school age kid knee highs. My daughters are going to LOVE THIS! Now I'm on the hunt for cheap adult knee highs. I have 1 pair that I can do this to. My daughter already wears them and they're all the way up her thigh.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

PR Weekend

Sewing Pattern Review had a West Coast Weekend and I got to meet these mythical creatures that I've chatted with, learned from and really, shared my life with and dabbled in theirs. I was really excited to meet them. I wasn't able to register for the weekend and actually participate in everything that was planned, but on Friday night I met up with a group of them at La Golondrina over at Olvera Street.

On Saturday morning, I went downtown to the Sheraton to get grouped up for fabric shopping at the alleys. But when I got there, everyone was gone! Brigitta and I found Deepika and Sherill and a couple others and took the DASH over to the garment distric. At Michael Levine's I met a whole bunch of people which was really exciting. It was especially great to meet Cidell and Melissa B who's blogs I read. That's a group of us at Michael Levine's. From left to right: DVMCindy, Cidell, LadyBeGood, MelissaB, Me and 2 others who's names or Online screen names I can't remember (sorry). I lifted the picture from Melissa (hope you don't mind) since I forgot the darn camera that morning.

My only fabric intention was to buy fabric to make Easter dresses for the girls. I will be cutting into it tonight as I traced the patterns out last night. I only spent about $50 total and that included fabric, notions and trims for the dresses and a lot of cotton jersey for undies, undershirts and shorts.

Anyway, it was really exciting to meet so many of these friends that I've made online. I wish I could have participated in all the activities. Maybe next time.