Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Onesie Dress tutorial on Cut Out and Keep

Cut out and Keep Onesie Dress tutorial
Before you get confused, this is not My tutorial.

This is how I started making the onesie dresses. It's a very good tute. I always forget to instruct people on things like matching up centers and sides. I don't use the elastic anymore b/c I'm that good! LOL No, I just figured out how to do it without. But it's really, really easy with the elastic. When I first made them I was like, OH! How smart!

I started spring cleaning my sewing area which is in my kitchen. I was up til midnight last night. Kev's gone for the week so it gives me the motivation to get moving. For some reason, when he's there, I can't do things like that. Or sew really. I don't know why. He's presence stunts me. I don't know why. I bought a thread box and organized my thread that had been previously tumbling around in a drawer. Ah. Relief. I also organized most of my patterns. Tonight I will be organizing the rest of the patterns and hopefully get some sewing done. I confess that I could have gotten much more done last night had I not turned on the computer at 10:30pm. I know once it's on, it's all over.

I will be going through my huge bag of scraps that I'm saving to one day make a quilt. I think I just need to throw it out. I have been pattern shopping lately and considering getting an Ottobre subscription but, Please! I don't even have time to make the stuff I plan to make, much less the stuff I dream of making. In the meantime, patterns are gathering dust there waiting for someone, me, to turn them into 3D. I just ordered the Emmeline apron and I'm excited to make it. I also ordered a couple of Jalie patterns that I liked b/c I could see them on myself as well as my girls. I love that they go from size 2-22. Now THAT is worth spending money on.

I also want to get: his Backpack Tote pattern, and this Notetaker pattern. Buying independent patterns is expensive. And if they're just going to sit in a drawer, then, should I really be buying them? I think I just need to get through the patterns I have first. But they call to me! Just like the fabric calls to me when I go to Joann's for just one little thing and come out having spent $40. It's so hard to walk out without any fabric! Speaking of which, I'm going there for lunch b/c I may just have to make some aprons for someone's birthday coming up.


Mary (craft addict) said...

I can't wait to see how your Emmeline turns out! I've become a bit of a pattern collector lately. Really need to just sew something!

Christy said...

can you share any tricks you might have for not using elastic- also do you think it looks better with or without the elasic?

Elbee said...

H Christy, if you look at this blog post
I show you how I do it without elastic. I prefer it without because It looks neater. Thanks for stopping by!

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