Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Make My Day Award goes to.....

Carla from PurlyVictorious. I am just so happy that her words are back! I read many blogs but this is the one that makes me happy and the one I look forward to. She is witty and clever, her pictures are ethereal and she just makes me laugh. She puts into words many things I feel but can't express as I am not so sharp in my commentary. Further, she's a fellow Los Angeleno and a creative woman of color. I haven't asked what part of L.A. she lives b/c I'm hoping to figure it out from her pictures. Once I even thought I saw her at the Turbo Kickboxing class at the gym! But being that her foot was broken, was highly unlikely. Anyway, Carla, you make my day and I'm glad I "met" you in the blogosphere.

Now the way this is supposed to work is I'm supposed to pass the award on to 5-10 people, depending on who you ask, once I have been nominated. Well, who says I have to wait for a nomination? Not like me to wait for permission anyway.

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sappmama said...

Lilia! I had to come over here and thank you too.

I might have to spend more time with myself. Reading your words, I think I might actually be fun and interesting! LOL. Seriously, this is such a kind gesture, and I really appreciate it.

Okay, okay. I won't say where I live. I'll keep taking pics and you let me know when you figure it out. Kinda fun!

Oh, and you've inspired me to dust off my old Tae Bo tapes in the hope of working my way up to the turbo kickboxing class. Maybe one day we will see each other at the gym. :)