Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Recycled Plastic Bag

Okay, so you'd think I have nothing to do. I can't provide a link to where I got this idea from b/c I don't remember. But I think it was on Someone also made a bag using the plastic bread bags. It was really fast and easy to make. I wonder how durable it is. One side has your typical plastic grocery bags and the other has the sturdier bags that you get at dept stores. One side is a gymboree bag and other side from Lakeshore. I can't think of what to use it for. I have plenty of market bags already.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Almost Done

Well here's the dress almost in it's entirety. I should have listened to one of the sewing forums when they told me they didn't think that dupioni silk was a good material for this fabric. They were right! The material doesn't drape at all. So I had to fit all that fabric into that piece of waist. I looked like a cupcake! It was just puffy all around the middle. So I got out my handy seam ripper and decided I'd take out some of the fabric. Now I am not a person who can generally function without a pattern so I kept biting my nails over actually making the cut. I almost called my sister at midnight to ask her opinion. (She's a no pattern person). So I decided to take the plunge and make the cut and just go buy more material if I ruined it. Fortunately it worked out. It looks much better. Now if it would only fit! You can see that I have not added the zipper. The wedding is in 2 weeks and just in case I can't lose and inch, I'm leaving it open so I can add a little strip before adding the fabric. Overall, I'd say this was a very easy dress to make. I'd make it again with a knit fabric or something satiny and slinky.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I made a little make-up bag

You can see it placed inside the wristlet below. It didn't come out well b/c I didn't place the snaps well. Not too happy with it but it fits my lipliner and long gloss stick very well. Better than the little bag I was carrying them in. I need to get the heavy sew in. I used light/medium weight interfacing and it's too crumbly. I want my stuff a little more stiff.

I made a little wristlet!!!

I made a little wristlet, I made a little wristlet. (if you click on the title it will take you to the site where I got the tutorial) I thought I'd have enought material left over from the bridesmaid dress to make little wristlets for all the girls. Alva, Monique, Irene, Monica E., Monica S and me and maybe one for Elena and for her 2 sisters too. But they take up more fabric than I thought. Anyway, I'm really happy with it. It was really easy to make too. Her colors are fuchsia and orange and it just so happened that the only zipper I had was orange. Perfect! Does anybody just keep a stash of zippers around? I only buy them when a patterns calls for one. I don't remember what I got this one for. Anyway, the tutorial was from blissbyheather. Very easy to follow. Yay me!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Part 2 of the Bridesmaid dress

Well I guess you'd probably see it as part 1. But I'm counting the cutting as part 1. Well, here's the top part of the dress. I'm really happy with it. I paid attention and followed all the sewing instructions which I often don't do when sewing for the girls. The directions were easy to follow except for the inset. (That's the orange part.) It has the exact same piece on the inside which is interfaced. I think I messed up b/c I had a hard time distinguishing the right and wrong side of this fabric. Might I suggest that you put your pattern pieces together and then match up the fabric so that you sew it on and interface it correctly. So, I had to recut another piece of the inside, re-interface it in order to get it right. This was fine except that it was now 1am and I was tired and felt that this should have been easier for me to follow since the pattern says its "very easy." I probably won't get to the skirt until tomorrow night as I'm going to the bride's bachelorette party tonight. Tomorrow is my 34th bday! My dining table is my work space.

The glamour of it all

Well, this is how the process starts for me. Whenever I sew it always has to be done at night after the girls are in bed. This means I typically don't get started until close to 9pm. This was Thursday as I watched the season finale of Gray's Anatomy. This evening I just cut out the fabric. It's always surprising to me how long this part takes. I've therefore started to dedicate one night to just cutting out the fabric without the expectation that any sewing is acutally going to get done. This is the first article of clothing I make for myself or in adult size.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Peanut Butter Cookies

Oh, I also like to bake. I looked for a peanut butter cookie recipe online that did not require eggs as I was out. I got this one from listed under vegetarian recipes. YUCK! This was straight up beanut putter and sugar. It did call for 2 cups of flour but was not at all doughy. The burnt ones are as a result of my telling Girly Girl to set the oven to 350 degrees. I should have suspected something when the smoke alarm went off, but didn't realize there was a problem until I pulled them out. The oven was at 500 degrees! She starts to cry and swears that she'd set it right. Then we hear The Little Grump say, "It was an accident." It was so funny. Anyway, the girls seemed to enjoy them.

Pillowcase dresses

This is my first post on this blog although certainly not my first project. I made these pillow case dresses following these instructions.

I made these using flannel that I'd bought ages ago (to make cloth diapers) and that I never got around to using. My Little Grump loves colors and patterns and My Girly Girl has somehow gotten over that now that she's 7. This dress seemed to do it for her, with a strand of sequins sewn onto the bottom and ribbon on her chest. She even wore it to a party that day